First of all, what an Experience!
Venice and our Cruise to the Greek Islands was an amazing time to connect with new people, beautiful areas and with each other. It's always great to know that we can create new memories alongside people we care so much about.

For this, we want to say THANK YOU!

We welcome you to view our full experience by searching the hashtag #sherlockcruise2016 over social media and on our Fanpage album dedicated to this wonderful trip.

When you want freedom, know you are holding the key in your hands!

A mobile business in our digital era is also known as a digital business, which can be highly beneficial when you are seeking to stay connected and productive at the same time.

Below is a great definition for Digital Business which perfectly defines the movement of business as a customer focused one, which is revolutionizing businesses all over the world.

With technology, comes the responsibility of connecting people to what they love, not tying them to what we want.

"Janet Legere joined Sherlock Nation on 4/10/2016 and has been an absolute joy to work with! She is teaching me and a lot of people on my team how to build a list of contacts using online tools.

She leads by example and is building a strong team as she has blown through Power Affiliate rank and is on her way to being one of the next Global Power affiliates on our team!" Black Diamond Chuck Williams


Congratulations All NEW Star Affiliates!

New Power Affiliates: Great Job on achieving your latest promotion!

Congratulations Bakyt Nogaibayev for Going Global!
Thank you for your Amazing Leadership!

Way to go on getting your CAB + Travel Shares!

All Customer Acquisition Bonuses are paid out weekly and till the end of July, we are giving away an extra $300 Travel Voucher plus Chance to Win a Dream Vacation per each Share!! ASK A SHERLOCK MEMBER ABOUT WINNING A CAB PLUS SHARE- It's Simple!

(up to 2 CAB PLUS Shares per person towards separate trips)


I'm excited to share with you that we are now in the final stages of development. We currently released to our Beta Testers our Hotels and Flights sections and our Testing/Feedback has been nothing but positive. The final milestone which we will deliver in the coming weeks to our Beta Testers are the website version of the new platform, the new Affiliate Branding Tool, and finalizing the rest of our feature rich platform. I look forward to sharing with all of you more news as we get closer to launching the Future of Sherlock!


Sherlock Affiliates Worldwide,

We just finished our Sherlock Nation 2016 Greek Island cruise. We started from Venice, Italy and had a phenomenal 7 day cruise where we renewed friendships, made new friends and created memories that will last a lifetime.

Sherlock Nation's mission is to help people save money and time and give people around the world an opportunity to be financially free.

In addition, we are building a culture where our affiliates can create worldwide businesses and friendships and have opportunities to experience cultures and incredible places around the world.

To those of you that were on the cruise, it was wonderful seeing you and experiencing Venice and the Greek Islands together. For the rest of you, we hope to see you in Las Vegas in December for an event that I truly believe can be life changing for you and your family.

Make your plans now to be there with us

To your success,

Michael Wiedder
CEO- Sherlock Nation

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Thank you,
Sherlock Nation Communications Team

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